Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Swing: Introduction

A few days in my life are recurrent. On these days I know all events that are to follow, so that I could, not only, manage my actions accordingly but also those around me. On these days I can catch an old lady by her hand and say -- "Don't cross the road or you'll meet an accident in which you die." And thereby, I not only save her life but also stop the day from recurring.

The rest of the days in my life are not mine. I wake up everyday in someone else's life. Perhaps, I live parallel lives.

Perhaps, I keep living a single day, over and over again. In changing contexts, changing spaces.

Perhaps, in one of my lives I bleed; in another I bandage the bleeding.

Perhaps, only in my dreams I'm awake.

Perhaps, my life has become the swing I had chosen for myself.


jill terry said...

I call it Waking Dreams...I live them often.

A kindred Spirit once said of me, that only when my body is at rest and my mind is free of distraction that my spirit is able to take flight. And in those moments my creative spirit burns, bringing comfort and warmth in a world that doesn't always offer the same.

The Clown said...

Perhaps, what you're talking about is also a kind of lucid dreaming, Jill... when you find your mind resting on your palms.... in these unusual moments time is free of limitations and space, of boundaries.
I always wished people would live in it like you do. Thanks.