Monday, March 06, 2006

Come Home, Madness

I woke up and found myself inside a dream. It was my life.

Its been long since we put our imaginations in a colourful box and thrown them into a lake. We watched it sink deeper and deeper till it found no bottom. And then, one day, we forgot ourselves. That was the day we had dissappeared. Since then we've been looking for ourselves. We move from one mirror to another. And yet another. But we find no one. Void. Blankness. Invisibility.

Argentine writer Borges had once wrote: "mirrors and copulation have a strange property: they multiply people." Things have changed since then. Reproduction is extinct. Our minds are realms of sterility in which we take death, like medicine, everyday after our meal.

So, come home to madness. To frenzy. And let us once again reacquire our imaginations. Let's walk into a world of immense possibilities and expect what we didn't even expect we could ever expect expecting. Yes, just like that last sentence. Don't worry over how much you understand. Just let yourself be confused. And free. Fly.

And let this clown lead you to a space called clownscape. Learn theories about your own psychology in ways abstract, unreal and funny (at times). In the end you'll be obsessed about stuffs you won't even be able to describe.... let alone, name.

If you want to take the risk just remember me and read my next piece on "forgetting".

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