Saturday, May 06, 2006


In my childhood I was told to write opposites. So, when I saw knowledge, I wrote ignorance. And when I saw remembering, I wrote forgetting. But then things changed so that when I saw knowledge, I wrote forgetting. And when I saw ignorance, I wrote forgetting. And when I saw forgetting, I still wrote forgetting. And I never saw remembering ever again.

In those days I used to live with my granddad. He had amnesia. My parents told he had been so from a time when he had been less older. Although children in this town ( including me and my friends) believed he was 200 years old and had never been any less older. We believed he had been living in this town from a time when there was no town, instead in its place stood a kingdom where wars were fought daily to keep the king busy. We all loved him dearly because forgetting everything he had become a child like us. But then, as they say, things changed. As far as I remember it all happened one afternoon, when while having my lunch I couldn't remember what I had had in my breakfast. I shuddered at the realisation and thought --

"My God, amnesia is contagious"

From that day I was afraid of my grandpa and used to stay away from him.... perhaps I took my imaginations too seriously. It was from that day that I started forgetting my grandfather. Then, one day when I succeeded in forgetting him completely I learnt that he was dead.

I still don't know, till today, what exactly keeps us alive - our heartbeat or our memories?

I write forgetting. And I keep writting.

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